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Off the Clock: A Pleasure Principle novel - Roni Loren

Holy hotness! Off the Clock was off the charts steamy and sexy. Seriously...this book should come with a label warning readers that it may go up in flames in their hands!

'Marin was here trying to help other people with their sex lives and hers was nonexistent. Maybe she should be the one in therapy.'

So in Off the Clock (Pleasure Principle #1) by Roni Loren, Doctor Marin Rush has a new job that looks to make her all kinds of uncomfortable. Instead of being a researcher--which is her comfort zone--she's now going to be a therapist at a high-end institute called The Grove. Her chosen field of study, you ask? Sex. Yep. The woman who hasn't had sex in so long it's laughable is now going to be a sex therapist.

'She'd been on the shelf for so goddamned long. And now this gorgeous, intelligent man was saying he wanted to sleep with her and she couldn't act on it. She had to be responsible. Practical. Do the right thing.
She was so fucking tired of doing the right thing.'

Marin knows she's probably setting herself up for disaster but she would do anything to help her younger brother Nate go to the art school of his choice. And this good-paying job will insure that future. One thing she didn't plan on was coming face-to-face with the man who takes residence in her fantasies: Dr. Donovan West. And not only will she have to see him on a daily basis, but he's been deemed her mentor. Their steamy past threatens to take over Marin's training, forcing her and Donovan to find a way to balance their unrelenting chemistry and their professional ambitions.

He released her hands and stepped back but kept her pinned beneath that white-hot gaze. "So if you ever need me...off the clock, you just have to ask. And if you want me to go to hell and steer clear, that's all you've got to say, too. It's your call."

Roni Loren does such a fantastic job with this story. Equal parts Contemporary Romance and Erotica, it was clear from the very beginning that the attraction between our hero and heroine was going to be nothing short of amazing. And, oh boy, was it ever. I adored both Marin and Donovan. They were highly intelligent and tenacious. I think what I loved most about them is that they were survivors. They had gone through horrible tragedies in their past and fought to come out the other side. That strength and spirit that Donovan and Marin each had inside them, I think, is what drew them together. Well, aside from their serious case of insta-lust, of course.

Now this book deals with some issues that may be a trigger for some readers, such as depression, sexual issues, murder, suicide. And while there are some pretty dark scenes to get through, it doesn't overshadow the romance and friendships that happened here. This was a great introduction into what we might expect for storylines in the future as there were several supporting characters that made a great impression, as well as the many different types of therapy The Grove offers.

I should also mention that, this being an erotic story, there is a bit of BDSM as well. It is not the focus of Donovan and Marin's relationship but it is there in the background. That being said, the love scenes were incredibly hot and so very well done. Obviously Roni Loren is a master at her craft. But Off the Clock stepped it up even more in my eyes. If this is only the beginning of the series, I can't imagine what deliciously naughty things are in store for us next!