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“A man can till the soil and plow the field.”
“We have a donkey.”
He snorted. “You can’t replace a man with a donkey. They are stubborn creatures who won’t do as they’re told.”
Her brow arched. “And there’s a difference?”
He gritted his teeth.

Well, Kerrelyn Sparks has done it again. Although I think Dougal is still my favorite in the Love at Stake series, Zoltan and Neona’s story was equally as entertaining and was full of plot twists that had me glued to the pages.

‘She was different. Somehow, her fate was linked to his. They were connected. He wasn’t sure how, but he knew in his gut that she belonged with him.’

For such a long running series, How to Seduce a Vampire still seems very fresh to me. The storyline was an interesting one. I can’t really give much away as the secrets kind of build upon each other, but Zoltan and Neona’s lives intersect each other in some surprising ways. I didn’t know if I would care for Zoltan. For some reason I had him pegged as an aristocratic, stern vamp, which I suppose he is in some respects. But he was actually a lot more caring and funnier than I expected.


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