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Maltipoos Are Murder is a quick and enjoyable cozy mystery that had me guessing whodunnit until the very end of the story.

Veterinarian Cara Rogers is determined to leave her career issues and personal problems behind in D.C. while she learns how to take over her great aunt's business, La Maison de Chien. She figures it's still working with her favorite four-legged creatures, so managing a doggie day spa can't be all that bad. Her first day on the job, however, proves that life in a small town can still be filled with pain and darkness, when she finds her Aunt Marion has passed away at work. Cara begins to think the worst when things don't add up, so she sets off on a quest to find out what happened to her beloved great aunt with the help of handsome local detective Cole Sampson, and Rex the Maltipoo, the only witness to the crime.

'The electric shock--or maybe magnetic pull...one of those undeniable natural forces anyway--felt like it was literally pulling them together.'

Middleburg, Virginia, detective Cole Sampson isn't sure what to make of beautiful Cara Rogers when he begins to investigate the death of a local businesswoman. He's attracted to the newcomer, even though he's sworn off relationships after his longtime girlfriend shattered his heart. Cole doesn't believe foul play is involved in Marion's death at first until he and Cara find evidence to the contrary. His investigation continues to have more twists and turns, all the while unable to shake the feeling that he and Cara have something special between them. Who would have thought a homicide in a frou-frou doggie day spa could introduce him to the woman who takes his breath away?

I love reading cute cozy mysteries with animals playing a prominent role, and Maltipoos Are Murder fits that bill perfectly. Author Jacqui Lane did a great job keeping the story concise but still giving us an interesting plot and two main characters with tons of chemistry. I like the thought that out of darkness, Aunt Marion's passing, something positive happens, Cara and Cole meet and fall in love. Their romance definitely had some bumps along the way, however, things ultimately work out for all involved. The murder/mystery portion of the storyline really kept my attention, this being one of those books that I can honestly say I wasn't sure until the end who the culprit was, which was quite nice.

Overall, Maltipoos Are Murder is a nice addition to any cozy mystery fan's collection. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!