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‘Wait ’til she told the women at work what she had waiting for her at home. A Viking nanny. Or a Viking house manager. Whatever. He was damn hot and in her kitchen.’

I am so in love with Kiss of Wrath, I can’t even begin to put it into words! Okay…well, maybe I can. So here goes.


The idea of a Viking Vampire Angel was a bit hard for me to wrap my mind around at first, but as I got into the story it made complete sense. And it is a really beguiling (but fun) concept when you think about it. Seeing Mordr, the burly Norseman born over eleven hundred years ago, the slayer of Vampire Demons, have to deal with five hysterically chaotic children and all of their modern everyday issues was pretty funny. Even funnier was how Mordr communicated with Miranda. She obviously wasn’t happy being called wench, even lovingly, but did like being called sweetling. Awwwww. My favorite was when he called the children out on their behavior, referring to them as bratlings. Again, lovingly. ;) That just illustrates what I liked best about the story. The current of humor running through it. Now, I loved the plot, of course. And that in combination with the funny just perfected it for me.


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