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“I care about you, Drake,” I said softly as I squeezed his hand in mine. Even though he was just a spirit, he felt so whole, so real.
He didn’t break his gaze from mine. “I care about you, ma minette.”

Ghouls Rush In is a fun new paranormal romance set in the Big Easy and is full of quirky, lovable characters. This was a great way to begin H.P. Mallory’s new Peyton Clark series!


I have a confession to make: This is the first H.P. Mallory book I’ve read. I know, I know. For a huge paranormal fan such as myself, it’s a bit embarrassing. At least now I can finally join in the conversations and understand what the buzz is all about. (And I’ll be digging out her other titles I have on my kindle TBR list real soon as well…) I very much enjoyed the humor and charm throughout the story, with that lazy, relaxed southern mindset Peyton adopted as she moved in to her new home in New Orleans. Each person she met seemed to add their own twist to what happened, from Ryan and his sister Trina, to the warlock and witch combo of Christoper & Lovie, and of course Drake the corporeal policeman. One of the most interesting parts to me, aside from Peyton’s love triangle, was the fact that the Axeman murders mentioned were based on true facts. It made that part a bit more compelling as I read along.


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