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‘How could I still hunger for him, be willing to give myself to him, when I knew what he was, had witnessed it with my own eyes?’

A Vampire’s Promise was a complete surprise to me. A good one. Looking at the book cover I thought it was going to be a typical lust-filled paranormal romance, but instead it was a story layered with questions, attraction, and a sense of humor.


I really enjoyed Carla Susan Smith’s writing style. There was a smooth continuity to the scenes which showcased Rowan and Gabriel’s interest in each other, along with her growing concern over what he was hiding. I will warn you that this is not a Happily-Ever-After, or even a Happy-For-Now book. There is a definite cliffhanger ending here which I was okay with personally, but I can understand if it would seem abrupt to some readers. At least some questions are answered by the end as well as an inkling of what the Promise may potentially be.


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