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The book that started it all

The Siren - Tiffany Reisz

“You gotta know, Zach–Nora’s not just some smut writer with a wild sex life. She’s the motherfucking queen of the Underground. And Kingsley Edge is, obviously, our king.”
“And him? What is he?” Zach didn’t even want to say Søren’s name.
“He’s whatever’s higher than a king and queen.”
“An emperor?” Zach guessed.
Griffin smirked. “A god.”


The Siren was a wonderful surprise. I went into this thinking it would mainly be about BDSM, and instead found this to be a complex, emotionally astounding love story. Albeit one with a woman torn into pieces over three very different guys, but still…

Don’t get me wrong. There is still a heavy dose of BDSM along with the why’s and how’s, so it may be a bit much for some readers. But to me that wasn’t the true focus here. I felt this story was really about the difficult decisions people must make sometimes when they are in love, as well as how complex relationships can get when you love someone who may not be right for you. Or right for them, even.


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