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A review in honor of the late, great author Cat Devon

Love Your Entity - Cat Devon
In Love Your Entity (Entity #3) by Cat Devon, Author Sierra Brennan is probably the most well-equipped member of her family to live in her late great-uncle Saul's home in Chicago. Sierra is an empath who can see and speak with ghosts, so the haunted home should be no problem. However, the stunningly attractive naked guy standing in said house is definitely a problem. He not only impedes her chance of inheriting the house, but Ronan McCoy is a vampire...and a man on a mission.
'She hoped he wasn't reading her thoughts. Could she post 'Vampires Out' on her mind? She definitely wanted 'Vampires In' regarding the rest of her body.'
Newly released after being his Sire's indentured slave/assassin for nearly a century, Ronan needs to solve a mystery to save his sister's soul. The key to it lies somewhere in his family's old home. The same house Sierra now stands to inherit. Working together is their only hope of achieving both of their goals. But will they be able to concentrate, given the magnetic bond that ties them together?
"Most people would consider me a monster," he said.
"Most people don't see dead people," she retorted. "Haven't you figured out yet that I'm not most people?"
"Yeah, I get that now."
"It took you long enough." She kissed him.
Love Your Entity was a lively paranormal romance that kept me guessing while solving its mystery, and with a bunch of characters who tickled me with their quirkiness.
I'll start off by saying that there are quite a few characters in this book, so it took me a little while to get acclimated since I haven't read the previous two installments. But I was able to read this as a standalone and thoroughly enjoy it. I loved the mix of snarky humor along with the details surrounding the not-so-happy history of the house and it's inhabitants. There was a lot of substance to the plot, which really helped turn this into a quick read. I had to know how it all ended.
There was so much to like about Ronan and Sierra. His loyalty to his sister and the fact that he wasn't completely insane after his time doing his Sire's bidding was incredible. And Sierra was a fiery, outspoken woman who kept Ronan on his toes. Their scenes together were always a blend of them antagonizing while trying to keep their hands off each other. So much fun! And of course the secondary characters added whole 'nother level of craziness to the story.
If you're a paranormal romance fan looking for a story to lose yourself in, I highly recommend Love Your Entity. It is oh-so enjoyable.