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Another Roni Loren gem with this M/M novella

Yours All Along (A Loving on the Edge Novella) - Roni Loren

Hot, hot, HOT!! Roni Loren is one of my go-to authors for well-written romance with an erotic edge. A novella such as Yours All Along is exactly why I come back to her stories over and over again.

"I thought I'd let you go, but when I saw you in your restaurant tonight...it was like the fucking sun came out for the first time in years."

I immediately fell in love with Hunter and Devon, where they were written in such a believable manner and their emotions were so accurately described. This short story actually starts at the present day when Hunter visits Devon, his former college roommate, and then flashes back to four years prior when they took things to another level.

I had no problem imagining how difficult it would have been for Hunter to realize he had romantic feelings for Devon, who was openly gay, considering that Hunter's politician father would be dead set against it and would cut all ties to his family. Even with both Devon and Hunter knowing it would be a bad idea, they couldn't make their attraction go away. But other circumstances interfered and things were left unresolved.

'He needed to back away. Leave this be. Leave Devon alone. He leaned forward and kissed him.'

Ms. Loren did a fantastic job of building the emotions...the passion, the worries, the need...between Hunter and Devon. By the time we were caught up on the past and were back at the present day, I couldn't wait to see how it all worked out between them. There was an electric current buzzing around them, yet such a tenderness as well, proving how much Devon and Hunter truly cared about each other. So. Wonderful.

'In his world of everything feeling wrong, he'd finally found his way back to what felt right.'

Now, of course I know that some readers may not be comfortable with a M/M romance that does contain somewhat explicit love scenes. However, to me, the core of the story was the friendship that turned into so much more. And how it took four years for Hunter and Devon to find their way back to each other again.

Friends-to-lovers is one of my favorite building blocks for a romance and Roni Loren knocks it outta the park with Yours All Along. I hope readers will enjoy every minute of this passionate short story that leads up perfectly to Devon's little sister's story, up next in Call on Me.