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The Devil Takes a Bride - Julia London

“Your love, your acceptance, has changed me. When I look at you, the fears I carry inside me begin to subside. I can see the possibilities–I can’t grasp them all, not yet, but I can see them–and I need you, Grace. I need you desperately.”

He had stunned her. Grace could only stare at him as those words wrapped around her heart.

What do you get when you pair a virginal debutant with an earl that has rather lustful proclivities in the bedroom? The Devil Takes a Bride. And what a wildly charming adventure our hero and heroine embark upon in this novel!
Forced marriage romances, especially in the historical romance genre, can be hit or miss for me. This story, however, had just about everything I look for in a well written book. Author Julia London did a fantastic job of putting a rather kinky spin on a Regency romance while still being historically accurate outside of the bedroom. I liked that there was a fairly natural progression for Grace and Jeffrey getting to know each other after they were thrown into their marriage. I thought with her ability to charm and help people, it seemed believable that she would try to draw him out of his shell. And the chaos that occurred with Grace in Jeffrey’s ordered world was what I also would have expected. It was fun to watch, but I could understand the frustration on both their parts.


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