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Rough Justice (The Sinner's Tribe Motorcycle Club) - Sarah Castille

Seemingly unconcerned by the approaching motorcycles, Jagger squeezed her hand. “You’ll be safe with me, Arianne.”

For an instant she didn’t move, wanting, hoping, then she swung her leg over the back of his bike. “If you’re lying to me, Jagger, I’ll put a knife through your heart.”

“Sweetheart, you already did.”


So. Hot. Rough Justice was one thrill-ride of a romance that had heat, pulse pounding action, and some seriously badass bikers. *fans face*


What a terrific way to start off a new series. I’ve read a few motorcycle club books before, so I realized how brutal and intense that world can be, but author Sarah Castille took it up a notch with Jagger and Arianne’s story. Here, we get an in-depth look into the inner workings and politics in MCs. Now, I may not agree with the way women are typically treated, but at least the Sinner’s tried to ensure women were protected and not hurt. (Unlike the Black Jacks) Make no mistake. Jagger and his crew were absolutely outlaws. But I liked that they did have a code they lived by and a collective conscience between them.


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