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Beautiful Bombshell - Christina Lauren
In Beautiful Bombshell (Beautiful Bastard #2.5) by Christina Lauren, Bennett Ryan and Chloe Mills' nuptials might be scheduled for June, but this Valentine's Day weekend is when their bachelor/bachelorette festivities will happen. As Bennett, his brother Henry, and his best friends Max Stella and Will Sumner all head to Vegas, one thing is for sure: the debauchery will be legendary.
'...On a list of things I wanted to do tonight, getting a lap dance from some random Vegas dancer ranked barely above eating bad sushi and getting violently ill.'
Bennett gets a sweet surprise when his future bride makes a memorable appearance, drawing his attention for the rest of his first night on the town. While he and Max find ways to sneak off to see their lady loves, they try not to clue Will and Henry in on their scheme. But as the night wears on, the hi-jinks only get more and more outlandish...and hysterical.
'Christ--would it always be like this? Would I always want her in this way that made me dizzy and completely stupid?'
Beautiful Bombshell was an absolutely wild ride that had me in stitches. As well as wanting to follow Bennett, Max, Henry and Will around on their next adventure to see what mayhem will ensue.
The Beautiful series has taken up residence in my head and in my heart. I've rather fallen in love with each character for their own quirks and attributes. This novella especially, combining all the key players in one raucous story was, as Max would say, brilliant.
Reminiscent of The Hangover but filled with a bit more one-upmanship, there are just too many pranks and comical scenes to choose from. My favorite thing about the story itself, though, is that among the shenanigans, we get reminders of just why Bennett and Chloe (as well as Max and Sara) are perfect for each other.
If you're a fan of Christina Lauren's naughty men and feisty women, Beautiful Bombshell will hit all of the bells and whistles for you. Lusty yet tender, filled with humor and moments of reflection, I enjoyed this short story immensely.