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My New Favorite By Alice Clayton (Okay, I Say That With Every New Book, But Still...)

Cream of the Crop (The Hudson Valley Series Book 2) - Alice Clayton

…His eyes changed from confusion to recognition. And as realization dawned, a flare of heat flashed through them.
“Brie,” he breathed, placing the face and my order at the same time.
“Oh. Yes.”


Cream of the Crop may just be my new favorite book by Alice Clayton. (Although, I somehow think I’ve said those words before about all of her other books…) Natalie turned out to be a fantastic heroine, all curvaceous and self-assured. And our hero, grumbly Oscar the sexy dairy farmer, was the perfect match for her in every way.


Cream of the Crop was an absolute hoot to read. I always enjoy myself with anything by Alice Clayton, but there was just something about Natalie and her crush on Oscar that resonated with me. Seeing her reduced to a breathless, wanton mess every time she went to the farmer’s market and saw him–after knowing how she normally strutted her stuff–just made it clear to me that there really was something between them.


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