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A Train Wreck Romance & Two Messed Up People

Monsters: A Love Story - Jennifer Quintenz;Pang-Ni Landrum;Amy Berg;Cherry Chevapravatdumrong;Akela Cooper;Liz Edwards;Jane Espenson;Shalisha Francis;Nadine Knight;Lisa Klink;Lauren LeFranc;Kam Miller;Jess Pineda;Lisa Randolph;Kay Reindl;Kira Snyder;Jeane Wong

“I’m not going to bed with you,” I say.
He holds my hips in his hands, presses me down against him. “I think it’s cute when you talk that way.”
“I’m serious, Tommy. I’m seeing someone.”
“It’s cool, baby. I’m seeing lots of people, but I save all my best shit for you.”


Monsters: A Love Story is pretty accurately named. The two main characters were about as messed up emotionally as one could expect from a control freak widow and a Hollywood playboy. And pairing them together was like a train wreck just waiting to happen.


It’s rather difficult to explain this narrative, at least for me. I waffled a bit on the rating and it took a while to gather up my thoughts about it. I can say that I did like the format of the book itself, with it broken down into months and seeing things from Stacey’s POV. It was almost like a diary at some points and I think it worked well here. The style of writing Liz Kay used flowed nicely and believe me, she held nothing back as far as showing the true gritty feelings Stacey and others around her were experiencing. It was raw and rather brutal at times. But it was honest and I appreciated that.


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