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Perfect For Some Beachside Reading

Once Upon a Wine - Beth Kendrick

Ginger winked at Cammie. “You can get us a good deal on the strawberries, right?”
“Ian already gave you a great deal,” Cammie said.
“Oh, I’d bet you can get us an even better deal,” Ginger said airily. “With your powers of persuasion? Maybe when he picks you up for that date he asked about?”
…Cammie turned to Kat. “Help me; I’m being pimped out for produce over here.”

Once Upon a Wine had a little bit of something for every reader: It was a reunion story. There was family drama. We saw girl-power galore. We met a sweetheart of a French bulldog. And we of course had a wonderful sense of community as the locals in Black Dog Bay helped out our trio and put their two cents worth in.


I know when I pick up a book by Beth Kendrick that I’ll have fun and I’ll be drawn in by the relationships she’s created. And that was exactly what happened with Once Upon a Wine. I came to love Cammie, Kat and Ginger as if they were my own friends. What a unique and strong bond they had together.


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