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Didn't You Promise (A Bad for You Novel) - Amber A. Bardan

‘I used to be sure. So sure that nothing could be more important than bringing my father’s legacy to life. Except now if forced to choose I’d save her over the world.’

Amber Bardan has once again crafted a story that had me on my knees emotionally. Didn’t You Promise took everything I thought would happen to Haithem and Angelina, painstakingly twisted it all around, and then ultimately finished things off in the best way possible.

‘Our incredible, unbelievable love, had come at a hefty price.’

I should mention first that this is the sequel to Didn’t I Warn You and picks up right where things left off. So these books will have to be read in sequence for it to make sense. That being said, the conclusion of Haithem and Angelina’s stormy journey was intense and filled with so many varying emotions that I felt like I was on a roller coaster. Just when I thought things would level out for them–boom!–something else went wrong and sent them scrambling to the next plan they had lined up.


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