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Goodbye Gideon & Eva

One with You (Crossfire) - Sylvia Day

‘Vows were a promise, but what I needed was a guarantee that every day of my life would have her in it. I wanted my heart to beat in rhythm with hers and stop when hers did. Inextricably entwined, so I would never live even a moment without her.’

One With You was the official end to the Crossfire series and the much talked about fifth installment that has had fans and naysayers alike clamoring and speculating on what would ultimately happen between Gideon and Eva. What I can finally say is, what a tumultuous, enjoyable journey it’s been.


I know there’s been a bunch of chatter online about the series having been extended past its original trilogy length and that some feel it has been drawn out too much. And while I can admit that some sections of books three and four might have been slower than other parts, I was fine overall with how each novel was plotted out. Honestly, some of the slower paced passages were also some of the moments when Gideon and Eva were the most down-to-earth, and found them being exquisitely tender with each other.


I think this final book shows both Eva and Gideon having grown and changed for the better.


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