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This Series Keeps Getting Better and Better...

White Tiger -  Jennifer Ashley

“I need you.” Kendrick moved swiftly to her. “Get that through your head, Addison. Grab your things out of Charlie’s truck and put them back in our room.”
Addison didn’t move, except to lower her hand. “And if I choose not to?” she asked.
“You. Can’t. Choose. Not to.” The words jerked out of Kendrick, his desperation growing. He couldn’t let her out of his sight, and he couldn’t safely be around her either. This was going to kill him.
“Way to woo a girl, Kendrick,” Addison said, sparks in her eyes.


White Tiger is proof that Jennifer Ashley’s Shifters Unbound series is still going strong after eight full-length installments and several novellas. I don’t know about other readers out there, but I just can’t get enough of these fierce yet enigmatic characters.


There are some really terrific, and some not so great, Shifter series in the book world today. Shifters Unbound, to me, is one of the most solid and unique paranormal worlds we get to explore. I love the mix of characters, where the Collared and un-Collared Shifters have to mix and mingle with humans.


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