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A Wickedly Sexy Shifter Romance

Mate Bond -  Jennifer Ashley


“Loved you from the first day I saw you. It doesn’t matter about the mate bond, or the Goddess, or any of that shit.”

Kenzie’s eyes widened, the gold of them glinting in the dim light.

“It’s you and me that matter, Kenz,” he went on. “You’re my mate, the love of my life… My everything.”


Lupines, felines, and grizzlies…oh my! Mate Bond is the latest wickedly sexy installment in the popular Shifters Unbound series. Be ready for heart-pumping action scenes, betrayals, and lots of outspoken Shifters.


As a fan of Paranormal Romance, I love stories based around unique worldscapes and rather involved storylines. Author Jennifer Ashely never fails to meet both of these criteria, while also providing strong characters that are relatable. This story especially, where the focus was on Kenzie and Bowman’s connection, was deeply emotional with their longing for the mate bond to happen. This was one of those books where I was sure there would be no way for everything to work out in the end with the way the plot was twisting and turning, but I was pleasantly surprised, thank goodness.


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