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Flight from Mayhem (Fly by Night) - Yasmine Galenorn

Shimmer and the rest of the crew from the Fly by Night Magical Investigations Agency was knee-deep in supernatural craziness again in this second book in the series. Flight from Mayhem was chock full of romance, action, and complicated relationships to sort through.

‘I had been in some odd places throughout my life, but trudging through a forest with a vampire, a djinn, a human, and a bunch of werewolves had to be one of the strangest adventures I’d had yet.’

I’m really loving the world that author Yasmine Galenorn has created for her Fly by Night series. There were so many intriguing characters and types of supernatural beings/beasties that this will be bound to keep readers on their toes. From elves to elder Fae, vampires to werewolves, and witches to were-spiders (*full body shudder*), this worldscape had it all. Oh, and dragons! Can’t forget that Shimmer is a blue dragon who comes from the Dragon Reaches, a world in itself filled with all different types of dragons. How cool, right?


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