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BOUGHT 2: Lucien and Olivia's Story (Billionaire Buyers Series) - RedHott Covers, Dahlia Delights

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

If you're a fan of insta-love, then oh baby is this the story for you. BOUGHT 2: Lucien and Olivia's Story (Billionaire Buyers Series) by Dahlia Delights was one sexy adventure. And I loved that this can be read as a standalone OR as part of the series, where our heroine Olivia Crown is the daughter of Marshall and Mary from book one.

'This man, this person who was a near stranger to me a few days ago, was now the center of my universe.'

Basically, Olivia is the new head of her family's business, Crown Enterprises, since her father retired. And the good old boys investing in the company are not happy that it was Olivia and not one of her brothers that took over the reins. Looking to head off a bad financial situation, she is on the hunt for investors. So in walks multi-billionaire Lucien Dare. He is very interested in working with Olivia, seeing in her the same shrewd business sense that he possesses. But he wants even more to make her his very own and build a life with the gorgeous woman who's stolen his heart with just a glance.

'...When the time was right, I would let her know that I intended to make her mine--heart, mind, body, and soul. No less than that would ever sate me.'

I think what I liked most about Lucien and Olivia together (aside from their instant attraction, of course) was how they brought out the best in each other. She was very methodical and rational in the way she approached things and Lucien needed her calmness to focus on the tasks at hand. And conversely, he was an extremely passionate, sensual man who was able to see exactly what Olivia needed to be herself and experience love for the first time. *sigh*

Our couple found themselves stuck in a remote mountain chalet in the middle of a blizzard--which is always a fun theme. Stranded alone, there were several ways they could keep themselves occupied and one activity in particular that helped heat things up quite a bit. Talk about erotic and sexy as hell! In addition to that, I really liked the balance of their real fears over losing power and heat due to the storm with how Lucien and Olivia were able to remain playful and laugh while they were solving their problems.

BOUGHT 2 was every bit as steamy as the first installment in this erotic series. And I think the lovely connection between the hero and heroine will be sure to bring a smile and a sigh to every reader's lips.