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Witty & Heartfelt Small Town Romance

Doing It Over (Most Likely To Series) - Catherine Bybee

“You’re so sure of yourself.”
“Yeah. A little cocky. But I happen to know you came back to River Bend for a do over. And that do over is with me.”
She smiled, tilted her head to the side, and kissed him again.

Doing It Over is the exact type of small town romance that I crave. Between the relatable characters, the thread of intrigue, and the sense of redemption, I absolutely fell in love with this first book in Catherine Bybee’s latest series, Most Likely To.


I really am a sucker for a well-written small town story. And what a fantastic town River Bend, Oregon was to explore as Melanie reminisced upon her arrival in her hometown. The quirky residents all brought something unique to the table, but honestly, it was the community as a whole pitching in to watch out for Mel and her intelligent little girl Hope that truly warmed my heart. Those acts of kindness meant the world to our heroine, being a single mother trying to do the right thing for her precious daughter but getting knocked around by life.


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