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A Heavy, Dark Tale

A Change of Heart - Sonali Dev

A Change of Heart was a heavy, dark tale of two tortured souls who were forced together but who also found themselves with the chance to heal each other. Written with Sonali Dev’s beautiful, wonderfully detailed prose, this was a story that will stick with readers well after they’ve finished reading it.


“I have your wife’s heart,” she said so quietly that if the words had been any different he would never have heard them.
A surgical scar.
Holy mother of God.
Jen’s heart.
She had Jen’s heart.
…Jen’s heart was right here, her DNA, her tissue, her. Alive and breathing.


I have to start off with a warning. This novel deals with subjects that are bound to be triggers for some readers so be aware that it delves into kidnapping, rape, murder, crimes against women, and even organ donor black markets. There were several scenes that were graphic in their depiction of the events that took place and it was absolutely heartbreaking. But I think Sonali Dev did a fantastic job writing those passages in a realistic, gritty, unforgiving way to shed light on the horrific things that can and do happen to people, in this case especially women, all over the world.


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