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Dreamy & Romantic Regency Tale

Scandal Takes the Stage - Eva Leigh

“It’s been so long since I’ve had experience with it.”
“With what? Pleasure?” At her small nod, he said, “That’s a damned shame. You deserve as much as you desire.”
“And if my desire is great?” she asked, breathless.
“Then I am the man for you,” he replied thickly, his every nerve alight, his body tight.

Scandal Takes the Stage was a dreamy historical romance nestled in the theater district of London. The combination of a scorned female playwright and a devilishly handsome rake was just too good to resist.


I’m really enjoying Eva Leigh’s The Wicked Quills of London series so far. Book two continued on with the witty bantering and highly intelligent, extremely likable characters we saw in the first installment. Just like with feisty Eleanor, I loved Maggie’s strength and independence. It wasn’t easy for a woman to make a name as a serious playwright in the 1800s but she certainly did so. Maggie put Cameron through his paces before giving in to her attraction to him, and I thought that seemed realistic given her history.


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