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Sexy & Fun Modern Day Royal Romance

Royally Screwed - Emma Chase

“Am I supposed to curtsy or something?”
“Please don’t.” And then the dimples make an appearance. “Unless you have the urge to do it naked, then, by all means, curtsy away.”
He’s flirting with me. It’s a sweet, sliding, teasing dance, and more fun than I can remember having in a long time.

Emma Chase is back with a brand new contemporary romance series. And what a fantabulous start! This was all about a modern day royal, Prince Nicholas, as he fell in love with–gasp!–a commoner. What followed was a wonderful blend of Old World culture and rules clashing with today’s beliefs and practices. So. Fun.


I’ll admit that I’m already a fan of Emma Chase’s work ever since reading Tangled. (I’m a Drew-girl forever!) I have read everything she’s released to date and she’s never once let me down. So I was extremely happy when Royally Screwed met my every expectation. I’m not kidding when I say that it made me laugh too many times to count and it was sexy enough to make me blush. Who knew a proper prince could have such a wickedly dirty mouth?


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