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High Flying Romance

Not Quite Perfect (Not Quite Series Book 5) - Catherine Bybee

I swear the smile never left my face while I read this high flying romance from Catherine Bybee. She has yet again outdone herself, giving us readers a memorable couple that could banter with the best of them and who stood strong in the face of dangerous threats.


“You like pulling my chain, woman.”
“I haven’t pulled your chain yet.” The words fell out of her mouth so fast she couldn’t close it quick enough.
Dakota roared with laughter and Glen’s silence on the line made her cringe.
“Who are you and what did you do with that innocent woman I took to dinner last night?” he asked.


I truly did love Mary and Glen together. Lordy, were they fun! They bickered like an old married couple but not in a mean-spirited way. Nope. It was almost like foreplay to them, with all the teasing and antagonizing that made me laugh and blush a bit. I think what struck me about them was that they were both quite different than who they seemed to be on the outside. Mary was a therapist and of course was analytical, but she hid a sexy, sensual side that came out whenever Glen was around. And he may have been a player in the past, but he wasn’t mean or smarmy.


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