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The Saint (The Original Sinners #5, The White Years #1) by Tiffany Reisz
The Saint (The Original Sinners #5, The White Years #1) by Tiffany Reisz

‘He inhaled sharply as if he registered her pain inside his own body. He experienced her pain as his pleasure. Let him hurt her, then, so he could feel the pleasure of it. Let him destroy her so she could be reborn.’

The Saint is a tough book to explain. And it is especially difficult to put into words the layers of complex emotions author Tiffany Reisz brings out in her characters, and ultimately, her readers. I can narrow it down by saying I was absolutely captivated by Nora’s tale in every way.


I will admit to not having read anything previously in the Original Sinners series, so this prequel novel was hard to figure out at first. The blurb shows the story being about Eleanor, a teenage girl, and the book begins with Nora in her mid-thirties. So I was a wee bit confused. But I quickly figured out that Nora and Eleanor are one and the same. I loved the way Ms. Reisz introduced us to the backstory of Nora and Søren , so effortlessly switching back and forth from the past to the current day by presenting it as Nora telling her story to a dear friend. And the writing style here was flawless. The scenes flowed in a natural manner and I thought the dialogue was snappy, witty, and so, so very sexy.


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